Anonymous WordPress Plugins

Total anonymous plugins - 7
WP Secure Referer Plugin - Dereferer Service Automatically changes all external links on the blog to redirect through various anonymization services, used to hide the source (referer) of traffic.
Total Downloads: 11.7K Download Plugin
Anonymous Posting Anonymous Posting plugin allows anonymous user to write their own posts using special page, no access to WP panel is needed.
Total Downloads: 3.4K Download Plugin
Text Obfuscator Replaces words and phrases in your posts' content with alternative words and phrases.
Total Downloads: 2.8K Download Plugin
Eyes Only The ultimate tool for publishing your private thoughts in public
Total Downloads: 2K Download Plugin
WP Guest Bar Adds a BuddyPress guest bar (login+register) to your WordPress site and show a message!
Total Downloads: 1.5K Download Plugin
03TALK Personal Conference Call The 03TALK Personal Conference Call plugin allows you to create, edit and display your free and anonymous conference call from within WordPress.
Total Downloads: 1K Download Plugin
Feed Anonymizer Replaces individual author names in feeds with the site name.
Total Downloads: 458 Download Plugin