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Total borders plugins - 8
Ultimate TinyMCE Wordpress Plugin Description: Beef up the WordPress TinyMCE content editor with a plethora of advanced options.
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Total Downloads: 2.8M Download Plugin
WP Edit Wordpress Plugin Take complete control over the WordPress content editor.
add ,admin ,advance ,advanced ,anchor ,borders ,button ,buttons ,citations ,color ,colorful ,colors ,custom css ,editor ,excerpt ,font ,font select ,font style ,html ,id ,image ,images ,javascript ,link ,links ,login ,page ,pages ,php ,php widget ,plugin ,popup ,Post ,posts ,preview ,replace ,search ,shortcode ,shortcodes ,Style ,styles ,table ,tables ,TinyMCE ,update ,upgrade ,visual editor ,wp edit ,wpedit ,youtube ,
Total Downloads: 854.9K Download Plugin
WP Canvas - Shortcodes Wordpress Plugin A family of shortcodes to enhance your site functionality.
Accordion ,accordions ,banners ,border ,borders ,button ,buttons ,code ,code snippets ,column ,columns ,countdown ,custom html ,fa icons ,flags ,font-awesome ,fontawesome ,full width ,fullwidth ,google maps ,googlemaps ,highlights ,icons ,image ,isotope ,maps ,masonry ,notification ,notifications ,posts ,post_type ,pricing ,pricing box ,progress bar ,RSVP ,section ,sections ,shortcode ,shortcodes ,snippets ,social icons ,tab ,tabs ,testimonials ,toggle ,
Total Downloads: 258.4K Download Plugin
TemplatesNext ToolKit Wordpress Plugin Custom Portfolio, Testimonial, Slider, Team and many other Shortcode functionalites...
border ,borders ,button ,buttons ,column ,columns ,font-awesome ,fontawesome ,icons ,masonry ,portfolio ,posts ,post_type ,section ,sections ,shortcode ,shortcodes ,testimonial ,
Total Downloads: 177.8K Download Plugin
Image Pro - Image resizing and media management done right Wordpress Plugin Upload, resize, add, change images instantly. Manage your media collection with ease and use it for any post or page. A new way of managing content!
borders ,caption ,editor ,frames ,image ,images ,management ,pictures ,plugin ,Post ,upload ,
Total Downloads: 66.6K Download Plugin
Admin Classic Borders Wordpress Plugin Starting with the MP6 plugin, and by default in WordPress 3.8, the admin backend has been flattened. This plugin restores classic (3D) borders.
admin ,backend ,borders ,Style ,
Total Downloads: 2K Download Plugin
GoWorks Styler Wordpress Plugin Adds new buttons to the WordPress visual editor, allowing you to enhance your posts and pages with custom colors, opacity, borders, padding, and more.
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Total Downloads: 1.6K Download Plugin
Sirv CDN & Image Manager Wordpress Plugin Instantly resize and deliver perfectly optimized images to your website. Not just static images but deep image zoom and 360-degree spin too.
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Total Downloads: 1.3K Download Plugin