Replace WordPress Plugins

Total replace plugins - 55
Ultimate TinyMCE Wordpress Plugin Description: Beef up the WordPress TinyMCE content editor with a plethora of advanced options.
add ,admin ,advance ,advanced ,anchor ,borders ,button ,buttons ,citations ,color ,colorful ,colors ,CSS ,custom ,custom css ,editor ,excerpt ,font ,font select ,font style ,highlight ,highlighter ,html ,id ,image ,image maps ,images ,javascript ,link ,links ,login ,page ,pages ,php ,php widget ,plugin ,popup ,Post ,posts ,pretty ,preview ,replace ,search ,shortcode ,shortcodes ,Style ,styles ,syntax ,table ,tables ,TinyMCE ,ultimate ,Ultimate TinyMCE ,update ,upgrade ,visual editor ,youtube ,
Total Downloads: 2.8M Download Plugin
Search & Replace Wordpress Plugin Search & Replace data in your database with WordPress admin, replace domains/URLs of your WordPress installation.
backup ,import ,migrate ,multisite ,replace ,search ,sql ,
Total Downloads: 1.2M Download Plugin
WP Edit Wordpress Plugin Take complete control over the WordPress content editor.
add ,admin ,advance ,advanced ,anchor ,borders ,button ,buttons ,citations ,color ,colorful ,colors ,custom css ,editor ,excerpt ,font ,font select ,font style ,html ,id ,image ,images ,javascript ,link ,links ,login ,page ,pages ,php ,php widget ,plugin ,popup ,Post ,posts ,preview ,replace ,search ,shortcode ,shortcodes ,Style ,styles ,table ,tables ,TinyMCE ,update ,upgrade ,visual editor ,wp edit ,wpedit ,youtube ,
Total Downloads: 854.9K Download Plugin
Quick Featured Images Wordpress Plugin Your time-saving Swiss Army Knife for featured images: Set, replace and delete them in bulk, in posts lists and set default images for future posts.
add ,arabic ,assign ,associate ,attach ,Attachment ,attachments ,audio ,audios ,author ,auto ,automatic ,batch ,brazilian ,bulk ,categories ,category ,change ,column ,control ,custom post type ,custom post types ,custom taxonomies ,custom taxonomy ,date ,dates ,default ,define ,delete ,detach ,deutsch ,español ,exchange ,featured ,featured image ,featured images ,filter ,galleries ,gallery ,german ,image ,image-size ,images ,mass ,media ,mime ,multimedia ,nextgen ,pages ,parent page ,period ,português do brasil ,portuguese ,post type ,post types ,posts ,quick ,random ,rapid ,remove ,replace ,rules ,search ,set ,spanish ,standard ,tag ,taxonomies ,Taxonomy ,thumb ,thumbnail ,thumbnails ,thumbs ,time ,unset ,update ,user ,video ,videos ,
Total Downloads: 195.4K Download Plugin
Cross-linker Wordpress Plugin A plugin that automatically links given words to URL's with ability to modify priority of plugin execution, and options to customize the plugin.
append ,automatic ,automatically ,hyperlink ,link ,linker ,links ,prepend ,replace ,string ,word ,words ,
Total Downloads: 91.9K Download Plugin
Real-Time Find and Replace Wordpress Plugin Set up find and replace rules that are executed AFTER a page is generated by WordPress, but BEFORE it is sent to a user's browser.
find ,find and replace ,on demand find ,on demand replace ,regex find ,regex replace ,regex search ,replace ,search ,search and replace ,
Total Downloads: 55.7K Download Plugin
Text Replace Wordpress Plugin Replace text with other text. Handy for creating shortcuts to common, lengthy, or frequently changing text/HTML, or for smilies.
coffee2code ,Post ,post content ,replace ,shortcut ,Shortcuts ,text ,
Total Downloads: 40K Download Plugin
WP Content Filter Wordpress Plugin Take control of your site today! Censor all content containing profanity, swearing, and abusive comments. Flexible Plugin options.
abuse ,admin ,censor ,censored ,content censor ,content filter ,edit ,explicit ,filter ,filtered ,keywords ,options ,Post ,profanity ,replace ,seo ,swearing ,words ,
Total Downloads: 29.3K Download Plugin
Word Replacer Wordpress Plugin Replace word by another word in post, page, or comment. And... bbPress
bbcode ,bbPress ,censor ,comment ,filter ,page ,Post ,replace ,replacer ,
Total Downloads: 22.7K Download Plugin
CM On Demand Search And Replace Wordpress Plugin Search and replace the words, phrases and HTML in real time throughout the content without changing the database.
custom ,find ,instant ,instant-search ,match ,pages ,posts ,query ,replace ,search ,search and replace ,search&replace ,searching ,string ,undo ,word ,
Total Downloads: 18K Download Plugin
Safe Search Replace Wordpress Plugin Safely search and replace with advanced options and undo operations.
find ,post content ,replace ,safe ,search ,shortcodes ,undo ,
Total Downloads: 14.4K Download Plugin
Linkify Text Wordpress Plugin Automatically hyperlink words or phrases in your posts.
autolink ,coffee2code ,hyperlink ,link ,Post ,post content ,replace ,shortcut ,Shortcuts ,text ,
Total Downloads: 9.4K Download Plugin
Replace Image Wordpress Plugin Upload a new version of an image without deleting the old image attachment, so that references to the image remain intact.
Attachment ,attachments ,image ,images ,media ,overwrite ,replace ,
Total Downloads: 7.9K Download Plugin
Format Media Titles Wordpress Plugin Automatically formats the title (and optionally the ALT field) for new media uploads. No need to manually edit the title anymore every time you upload
automatic ,capitalize ,characters ,filter ,Format ,library ,media ,remove ,replace ,title ,upload ,
Total Downloads: 7.8K Download Plugin
Search and Replace Wordpress Plugin Search and replace content into pages and posts
content ,find ,find and replace ,page ,Post ,replace ,search ,search and replace ,
Total Downloads: 6.7K Download Plugin
Word Filter Plus Wordpress Plugin Update or clean the contents of your site, by filtering or replacing words and phrases in your posts, pages, excerpts, titles and comments.
bbcode ,censor ,clean ,comment ,filter ,language ,moderate ,page ,Post ,replace ,risky ,
Total Downloads: 4.9K Download Plugin
WPEX Replace DB Urls Wordpress Plugin The easiest, most effective way to replace urls in the wordpress database.
admin ,cleanup ,database ,page ,Post ,rename ,replace ,url ,
Total Downloads: 4.5K Download Plugin
GDD Adwords Wordpress Plugin Linkify predefined words in a post.
ad ,ads ,advertising ,adwords ,affiliate ,auto ,automatic ,custom ,filter ,keywords ,link ,linkify ,links ,list ,nofollow ,pattern ,Post ,replace ,search ,url ,words ,
Total Downloads: 3.3K Download Plugin
HTML Regex Replace Wordpress Plugin Replace any html you write in editor (Visual or HTML) with pre-defined string. Use Regexp to define patterns for replacement.
editor ,html ,regex ,regexp ,replace ,shortcode ,TinyMCE ,write ,wysiwyg ,
Total Downloads: 3.2K Download Plugin
Text Obfuscator Wordpress Plugin Replaces words and phrases in your posts' content with alternative words and phrases.
alternative ,anonymous ,auto correct ,change ,filter ,replace ,text ,word replacement ,
Total Downloads: 2.8K Download Plugin