Secure WordPress Plugins

Total secure plugins - 140
Wordfence Security Secure your website with the most comprehensive WordPress security plugin. Firewall, malware scanner, blocking, live traffic, login security & mor
Total Downloads: 19.1M Download Plugin
iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) Take the guesswork out of WordPress security. iThemes Security offers 30+ ways to lock down WordPress in an easy-to-use WordPress security plugin.
Total Downloads: 7.9M Download Plugin
All In One WP Security & Firewall A comprehensive, user-friendly, all in one WordPress security and firewall plugin for your site.
Total Downloads: 2.6M Download Plugin
BulletProof Security WordPress Website Security Protection: Firewall Security, Login Security, Database Security... Effective, Reliable, Easy to use...
Total Downloads: 2.1M Download Plugin
WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam All-in-one WordPress spam protection, with NO CAPTCHAs, challenge questions or other inconvenience to site visitors.
Total Downloads: 1.9M Download Plugin
Clef Two-Factor Authentication Modern two-factor that people love to use: strong authentication without passwords or tokens; single sign on/off; magical login experience.
Total Downloads: 1.4M Download Plugin
Contact Form Clean and Simple A clean and simple AJAX contact form with Google reCAPTCHA, Twitter Bootstrap markup and Akismet spam filtering.
Total Downloads: 354.8K Download Plugin
BBQ: Block Bad Queries The fastest firewall plugin for WordPress.
Total Downloads: 352K Download Plugin
WordPress Database Reset A plugin that allows you to skip the 5 minute installation and reset WordPress's database back to its original state.
Total Downloads: 283K Download Plugin
WP Construction Mode Display a customizable Under Construction or Coming Soon landing page for all users except the admin. Perfect for developing on a live server!
Total Downloads: 257.8K Download Plugin
Lockdown WP Admin Lockdown WP Admin conceals the administration and login screen from intruders. It can hide WordPress Admin (/wp-admin/) and and login (/wp-login.php)
Total Downloads: 232.6K Download Plugin
NoSpamNX To protect your Blog from automated spambots, this plugin adds invisible formfields to your comment form.
Total Downloads: 224.7K Download Plugin
AskApache Password Protect This plugin Adds Crazy Additional Password Protection and Security to your blog.
Total Downloads: 124.1K Download Plugin
Email Encoder Bundle - Protect Email Address Encode mailto links, email addresses, phone numbers and any text to hide them from (spam)bots. Mailto links will be protected automatically.
Total Downloads: 119.6K Download Plugin
Secure HTML5 Video Player Secure HTML5 Video Player allows you to play HTML5 video on modern browsers. Videos can be served privately; pseudo-streamed from a secured directory
Total Downloads: 109.4K Download Plugin
WP Limit Login Attempts Limit Login Attempts for login protection. Limit rate of login attempts and block IP temporarily. It is protecting from brute force attacks.
Total Downloads: 108.6K Download Plugin
Image Store Image Store (ImStore) is a photo gallery and store plugin for WordPress with Paypal and Google Checkout integration.
Total Downloads: 85.4K Download Plugin
6Scan Security 6Scan Security provides comprehensive enterprise-grade security with frequent site scans, powerful firewall, automatic backup, web analytics and much
Total Downloads: 76.2K Download Plugin
Creative Contact Form Creative Contact Form is a responsive contact form builder with amazing visual effects. Over 46,000+ sites are already using Creative Contact Form.
Total Downloads: 55.9K Download Plugin
Shopp A professional, high-performance e-commerce development plugin for WordPress.
Total Downloads: 50.9K Download Plugin