Universal Analytics WordPress Plugins

Total universal analytics plugins - 22
Google Analytics by MonsterInsights Connect Google Analytics with WordPress by adding your Google Analytics tracking code. Get the stats that matter.
Total Downloads: 12.1M Download Plugin
NK Google Analytics NK Google Analytics for WordPress adds necessary javascript to enable Google Analytics tracking on your website.
Total Downloads: 323.8K Download Plugin
Google for WordPress Plugin to integrate Google's products in WordPress as Google+, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, Maps, Panoramio, Youtube & more.
Total Downloads: 123.9K Download Plugin
Better Google Analytics Track everything with Google Analytics (clicked links, emails opened, YouTube videos being watched, etc.). Includes real time Analytics dashboard.
Total Downloads: 122.1K Download Plugin
Google Universal Analytics Adds the latest Google Universal Analytics JavaScript tracking code to your WordPress website. Many options!
Total Downloads: 100.8K Download Plugin
Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce Provides integration between Enhanced Ecommerce feature of Google Analytics and WooCommerce.
Total Downloads: 39.8K Download Plugin
Verify Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Easily Verify Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools for your WordPress websites & blogs.
Total Downloads: 31.6K Download Plugin
Easy Google Webmaster Tools Easily Add Google Webmaster tools for your websites and tracking all pages your sites perfectly.
Total Downloads: 10.8K Download Plugin
Google Analytics Adder With User Id Tracking Easily add your Google Analytics to your WordPress site. Use classic analytics code or Google's new Univeral Analytics. If you use Universal An
Total Downloads: 10.8K Download Plugin
Analytics Tracker Analytics Tracker makes it super easy to add Google Analytics tracking code on your site
Total Downloads: 6.4K Download Plugin
Popup4Phone Popup4Phone plugin allows you to get more leads. Phones of visitors collected by popup form / button. Also you can analyze ads efficiency.
Total Downloads: 3.1K Download Plugin
Universal Analytics A simple method to add Google's Universal Analytics JavaScript tracking code to your WordPress website.
Total Downloads: 2.9K Download Plugin
Analytics Control Plus Set up Google Analytics with options (demographics and enhanced link tracking), no JavaScript editing. Does bounce timeout, so more accurate stats. Al
Total Downloads: 2.5K Download Plugin
TR Easy Google Analytics Easily Add Google Analytics for your websites and tracking all pages your sites perfectly.
Total Downloads: 1.3K Download Plugin
Form Abandonment Tracking Tracks form abandonment to the form field level as Google and Universal Analytics events, including Submits.
Total Downloads: 807 Download Plugin
White Bracket Theme Options Create content to appear in multiple places around your site and edit in one place. Add universal Google Analytics. Adjust text colours and size.
Total Downloads: 530 Download Plugin
Universal Google Analytics Automatically setup the required universal tracking snippet to the footer of your wordpress installation, as required by Google Analytics.
Total Downloads: 486 Download Plugin
Universal Analytics Injector Universal Analytics Injector for WordPress will help you add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog.
Total Downloads: 450 Download Plugin
Google Analytics Site Wide Adding tracking code to all sites with the ability to select the placement of tracking code in the header or footer.
Total Downloads: 183 Download Plugin
YouTube with Universal Analytics Tracking YouTube video embed system that adds tracking for Universal Analytics Events to the start, pause, and completion of a video.
Total Downloads: 175 Download Plugin