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Total wordpress javascript plugins plugins - 582
W3 Total Cache Wordpress Plugin Search Engine (SEO) & Performance Optimization (WPO) via caching. Integrated caching: CDN, Minify, Page, Object, Fragment, Database support.
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Total Downloads: 6.5M Download Plugin
Google Analyticator Wordpress Plugin Easily view your Google Analytics and real-time statistics inside WordPress! Makes it super simple to add your tracking code too.
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Total Downloads: 4.4M Download Plugin
Ultimate TinyMCE Wordpress Plugin Description: Beef up the WordPress TinyMCE content editor with a plethora of advanced options.
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Total Downloads: 2.8M Download Plugin
WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam Wordpress Plugin All-in-one WordPress spam protection, with NO CAPTCHAs, challenge questions or other inconvenience to site visitors.
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Total Downloads: 1.9M Download Plugin
Google Analytics Wordpress Plugin Enables google analytics on all pages.
analytics ,google ,javascript ,
Total Downloads: 1.8M Download Plugin
AdRotate Wordpress Plugin The popular choice for monetizing your website with adverts while keeping things simple. Start making money today!
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Total Downloads: 1.4M Download Plugin
Pretty Link Lite Wordpress Plugin Shrink, beautify, track, manage and share any URL on or off of your WordPress website. Create links that look how you want using your own domain name!
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Total Downloads: 1.3M Download Plugin
Post video players, slideshow albums, photo galleries and music / podcast playlist Wordpress Plugin Post your videos, photo galleries/flash slideshows, music and playlists easily and in seconds.
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Total Downloads: 1M Download Plugin
Autoptimize Wordpress Plugin Autoptimize speeds up your website and helps you save bandwidth by aggregating and minimizing JS, CSS and HTML.
aggregate ,cache ,CSS ,html ,javascript ,JS ,minification ,minimize ,optimize ,pagespeed ,performance ,speed ,
Total Downloads: 1M Download Plugin
Slideshow Wordpress Plugin Integrate a fancy slideshow in just five steps. - Rainbows. Rainbows everywhere.
galleries ,gallery ,image ,images ,javascript ,jquery ,photo ,responsive ,slide show ,slider ,slideshow ,text ,video ,
Total Downloads: 1M Download Plugin
WP Edit Wordpress Plugin Take complete control over the WordPress content editor.
add ,admin ,advance ,advanced ,anchor ,borders ,button ,buttons ,citations ,color ,colorful ,colors ,custom css ,editor ,excerpt ,font ,font select ,font style ,html ,id ,image ,images ,javascript ,link ,links ,login ,page ,pages ,php ,php widget ,plugin ,popup ,Post ,posts ,preview ,replace ,search ,shortcode ,shortcodes ,Style ,styles ,table ,tables ,TinyMCE ,update ,upgrade ,visual editor ,wp edit ,wpedit ,youtube ,
Total Downloads: 854.9K Download Plugin
Rating-Widget: Star Review System Wordpress Plugin The most popular Five Star Review System on the web. User-friendly ratings for: posts, pages, comments, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress forums.
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Total Downloads: 687.2K Download Plugin
Smooth Slider Wordpress Plugin Free WordPress Slider Plugin to Create Image Slider, Post Slider, Content Slider, Video Slideshow with Responsive Design
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Total Downloads: 607.6K Download Plugin
Tribulant Slideshow Gallery Wordpress Plugin Feature content in a JavaScript powered slideshow gallery showcase on your WordPress website
content gallery ,Featured Content ,gallery ,image gallery ,images ,javascript ,javascript slideshow ,slides ,slideshow ,slideshow gallery ,wordpress plugins ,wordpress slideshow gallery ,
Total Downloads: 591.6K Download Plugin
WOW Slider Wordpress Plugin Add beautiful image slider to your WordPress blog! Awesome effects, fancy templates, point-and-click wizard. Fully responsive, pure CSS fallback.
banner ,CSS ,gallery ,image ,image slider ,images ,javascript ,jquery ,links ,page ,photo ,photos ,picture ,pictures ,plugin ,Post ,posts ,responsive slider ,shortcode ,slider ,slideshow ,widget ,wordpress ,wordpress slider ,wow slider ,
Total Downloads: 582.8K Download Plugin
WP-SpamFree Anti-Spam Wordpress Plugin Powerful anti-spam plugin that eliminates blog comment spam. Finally, you can enjoy a spam-free WordPress blog! Includes contact form.
anti-spam ,antispam ,comment ,comments ,contact ,form ,javascript ,plugin ,security ,spam ,wordpress ,wp-spamfree ,wpmu ,
Total Downloads: 551.4K Download Plugin
Use Google Libraries Wordpress Plugin Allows your site to use common javascript libraries from Google's AJAX Libraries CDN, rather than from WordPress's own copies.
CDN ,Dojo ,google ,Google AJAX Libraries API ,javascript ,jquery ,mootools ,page speed ,performance ,prototype ,yslow ,
Total Downloads: 550.9K Download Plugin
MediaElement.js - HTML5 Video & Audio Player Wordpress Plugin MediaElement.js is an HTML5 video and audio player with Flash fallback and captions. Supports IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and iPhone, iPad, And
accessible ,audio ,captions ,flash ,html5 ,javascript ,mp3 ,MP4 ,ogg ,player ,silverlight ,srt ,subtitles ,video ,webm ,websrt ,wmv ,
Total Downloads: 538.4K Download Plugin
Shadowbox JS Wordpress Plugin Shadowbox is an online media vieiwing application similar to Lightbox and Thickbox but with more functionality. Supports all types of media.
audio ,Formatting ,images ,javascript ,JS ,lightbox ,lightview ,links ,movies ,overlay ,Post ,posts ,shadowbox ,thickbox ,youtube ,
Total Downloads: 518.7K Download Plugin
Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC) Wordpress Plugin *Scan all of your theme files for potentially malicious or unwanted code.*
admin ,javascript ,security ,theme authentication ,themes ,verification ,
Total Downloads: 511.4K Download Plugin