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iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) Wordpress Plugin Take the guesswork out of WordPress security. iThemes Security offers 30+ ways to lock down WordPress in an easy-to-use WordPress security plugin.
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Total Downloads: 7.9M Download Plugin
Ultimate TinyMCE Wordpress Plugin Description: Beef up the WordPress TinyMCE content editor with a plethora of advanced options.
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Total Downloads: 2.8M Download Plugin
All In One WP Security & Firewall Wordpress Plugin A comprehensive, user-friendly, all in one WordPress security and firewall plugin for your site.
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Total Downloads: 2.6M Download Plugin
SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Wordpress Plugin Adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress on the forms for comments, registration, lost password, login, or all.
Akismet ,anti-spam ,captcha ,comment ,comments ,login ,multilingual ,security ,spam ,
Total Downloads: 2.5M Download Plugin
ManageWP Worker Wordpress Plugin ManageWP is the ultimate WordPress productivity tool, allowing you to efficiently manage your websites.
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Total Downloads: 2.3M Download Plugin
BulletProof Security Wordpress Plugin WordPress Website Security Protection: Firewall Security, Login Security, Database Security... Effective, Reliable, Easy to use...
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Total Downloads: 2.1M Download Plugin
WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam Wordpress Plugin All-in-one WordPress spam protection, with NO CAPTCHAs, challenge questions or other inconvenience to site visitors.
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Total Downloads: 1.9M Download Plugin
Theme My Login Wordpress Plugin Themes the WordPress login pages according to your theme.
custom ,e-mail ,gravatar ,log in ,login ,redirection ,register ,registration ,sidebar ,theme ,widget ,
Total Downloads: 1.5M Download Plugin
Clef Two-Factor Authentication Wordpress Plugin Modern two-factor that people love to use: strong authentication without passwords or tokens; single sign on/off; magical login experience.
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Total Downloads: 1.4M Download Plugin
Maintenance Wordpress Plugin Maintenance - easy configure and customize coming soon, under construction page when site have updates, changes or in development process.
503 error ,administration ,background ,blur ,coming soon ,customize page ,fullscreen ,login ,maintenance ,maintenance mode ,splash page ,under construction ,
Total Downloads: 1.3M Download Plugin
Limit Login Attempts Wordpress Plugin Limit rate of login attempts, including by way of cookies, for each IP. Fully customizable.
authentication ,login ,security ,
Total Downloads: 1.2M Download Plugin
MainWP Child Wordpress Plugin Provides a secure connection between your MainWP Dashboard and your WordPress sites. MainWP allows you to manage WP sites from one central location.
admin ,administration ,backups ,login ,mainwp ,manage ,management ,manager ,multiple ,multisite ,network ,Plugin Updates ,remote ,theme updates ,updates ,WordPress controller ,WordPress Management ,
Total Downloads: 1.1M Download Plugin
Sidebar Login Wordpress Plugin Easily add an ajax-enhanced login widget to your WordPress site sidebar.
form ,login ,meta ,register ,sidebar ,sidebar login ,widget ,
Total Downloads: 0.9M Download Plugin
Shield WordPress Security Wordpress Plugin The Most Comprehensive and Highest-Rated Security System for WordPress (formerly the WordPress Simple Firewall).
all in one ,audit trail ,automatic updates ,better wp security ,blacklist ,brute force ,DoS ,firewall ,GASP ,hack ,iThemes ,lockdown ,login ,rename wp login ,security ,shield ,spam ,two-factor authentication ,whitelist ,wordfence ,
Total Downloads: 883.7K Download Plugin
WP Edit Wordpress Plugin Take complete control over the WordPress content editor.
add ,admin ,advance ,advanced ,anchor ,borders ,button ,buttons ,citations ,color ,colorful ,colors ,custom css ,editor ,excerpt ,font ,font select ,font style ,html ,id ,image ,images ,javascript ,link ,links ,login ,page ,pages ,php ,php widget ,plugin ,popup ,Post ,posts ,preview ,replace ,search ,shortcode ,shortcodes ,Style ,styles ,table ,tables ,TinyMCE ,update ,upgrade ,visual editor ,wp edit ,wpedit ,youtube ,
Total Downloads: 854.9K Download Plugin
Custom Login Wordpress Plugin Custom Login allows you to easily customize your admin login page, works great for client sites!
admin ,branding ,custom login ,custom login pro ,customization ,error ,login ,login error ,logo ,
Total Downloads: 806.6K Download Plugin
PlusCaptcha Wordpress Plugin PlusCaptcha - The Easiest Captcha to Setup and Execute, with an Auto-Setup Feature! Trusted by thousands of blog, e-commerce, and government sites!
admin ,AJAX ,Akismet ,antispam ,capcha ,captcha ,captha ,catcha ,comment ,contact form ,image ,images ,images captcha ,keycaptcha ,login ,lost password ,match captcha ,picture captcha ,plugin ,pluscaptcha ,Post ,re captcha ,recaptcha ,register ,registration ,spam ,sweetcaptcha ,text captcha ,wordpress captcha ,wpmu ,
Total Downloads: 691.5K Download Plugin
Login LockDown Wordpress Plugin Limits the number of login attempts from a given IP range within a certain time period.
login ,security ,
Total Downloads: 597.2K Download Plugin
Peter's Login Redirect Wordpress Plugin Redirect users to different locations after logging in and logging out.
admin ,administration ,authentication ,dashboard ,login ,logout ,redirect ,users ,
Total Downloads: 571.8K Download Plugin
Ultimate Member Wordpress Plugin The easiest way to create powerful online communities and beautiful user profiles with WordPress
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Total Downloads: 499.9K Download Plugin