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Total cookies web plugins - 22
I don't care about cookies Chrome extension download
I don't care about cookies Remove cookie warnings from almost all websites! The EU regulations require that any website using tracking cookies must get…
J2TEAM Cookies Chrome extension download
J2TEAM Cookies Simple tool to export/import cookies. Share online accounts without revealing your password.
Share Your Cookies Chrome extension download
Share Your Cookies Share your accounts without revealing passwords
Flag Cookies Chrome extension download
Flag Cookies A cookie and browser storage data manager on steroids to mark, 'flag', and manage cookies using rulesets.
Copy Cookies Chrome extension download
Copy Cookies Copy cookies to clipboard
Remove Cookies For Site Chrome extension download
Remove Cookies For Site A Chrome extension to remove all cookies for the current site.
Disable Cookies Chrome extension download
Disable Cookies Disable cookies on current site
CDN Headers & Cookies Chrome extension download
CDN Headers & Cookies Loads all http headers, cookies and Akamai response headers (http/https)
Crumbs - Keep your data safe & block cookies Chrome extension download
Crumbs - Keep your data safe & block cookies Crumbs protects your privacy and ensures no one can profile you as an individual. Crumbs Email Relay keeps your email address safe.
Forget Me - Clean History, Cookies & more Chrome extension download
Forget Me - Clean History, Cookies & more Delete everything about a website. Cookies, History, localStorage, sessionStorage...everything!
Swap My Cookies Chrome extension download
Swap My Cookies If you have multiple accounts let Swap My Cookies manage them for you!
Check my cookies Chrome extension download
Check my cookies This extension helps you to control wich cookies webpages saves of you.
Open Cookies.txt Chrome extension download
Open Cookies.txt An open-source, least privilege Cookies.txt extension
Self-Destructing Cookies Chrome extension download
Self-Destructing Cookies Delete cookies when browser is closed or once the tab is closed to prevent tracking
F8 Cookies - Share online accounts Chrome extension download
F8 Cookies - Share online accounts F8 Cookies is a very simple extension for importing/exporting cookies. Share your account online without revealing your password.
KDP Champ Cookies assistant Chrome extension download
KDP Champ Cookies assistant KDP Champ Cookies assistant is a tool that helps the KDP Champ users submit their cookies easily onto our platform
Hiragana Katakana Cookies Chrome extension download
Hiragana Katakana Cookies Learn Japanese hiragana and katakana... with cookies!
Delete History & Clear Cookies Chrome extension download
Delete History & Clear Cookies Control Your Privacy Settings! Delete browser history. Clear cookies. Clear passwords and cache. Remove hosted app data. ★★★★★
Cookies Blocker Chrome extension download
Cookies Blocker This extension hides the 'accept cookies?' popup when you visit a website. Because of course, you always accept...
Examine Offline Data (Cookies, HTML5 Storage) Chrome extension download
Examine Offline Data (Cookies, HTML5 Storage) Inspect cookies and HTML5 web storage data (localStorage and sessionStorage) stored by a web page. You can easily check if a…
Delete Dell Cookies Chrome extension download
Delete Dell Cookies Press the button to delete all cookies with 'dell' in the domain
Almost Native Cookies Manager Chrome extension download
Almost Native Cookies Manager Cookie Manager embedded in the Chrome devtools.
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