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OmegaSkipperTrial Chrome Extension Download
OmegaSkipperTrial chrome extension is used to Free version of OmegaSkipper for Omegle. Best tool for Omegle ------------------------------ THIS IS THE FREE VERSION check out pro version ------------------------------ What it does? - Set up your automatic Hi Phrase! - Stranger's phrases: So now you can skip ppl who say random things! - Desktop notification when stranger type for the first time - Sound notification when stranger type for the first time - Easy efficient play/pause auto-reroll button - Fast skip button You dont have anymore to tire your eyes and fingers by double hitting <ESC> a thousand times. Dont worry about skipping something good, that wont happen in these situations: - The person has typed something to you [with no filter set] - The person has typed the word/short phrase you set [with filter set] - You have typed something to the person - You put the text focus on the writing chat box The decision to skip or not to skip only happens once: This means that if the time for skipping has passed and the decision taken was to stay, its going to stay until you or the other end has left the current chat. In a nutshell, dont worry and enjoy. Privacy - All processing is made locally. - No personal data is taken, all data exchanged with servers is anonymous

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