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1-Click Share Link Google Chrome Extension Download

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1-Click Share Link chrome extension

1-Click Share Link Google chrome Extension overview

1-Click Share Link chrome extension is Share and receive links with 1 click.

1-click share link (Linkon) allows users to share links to other users with single click.

users receive real time notifications for incoming links.

All the incoming and outgoing links can be accessed with single click.


Permissions:- Why does the extension request permission for reading browsing history extension needs the permission to read the active tab url which is part of the chrome browsing history permission.

It doesnt access any other browsing history.

General:- How to share a link to new user -You can specify the email id of the user in the email id text field and click send.

If the receiving user is already registered to 1-Click Share Link he will receive the link directly to his inbox.

If the receiving user is not registered the extension would prompt to send a mail using gmail.

Once the receiving user registers he can see the incoming links in his inbox.

What does the number and color on the icon indicate -The number and color on the icon provide a quick way to glance your inbox and sent items status.

red color- Number of new incoming links.

blue color- Number of sent links (using last 10) which are not yet clicked by the receiving user green color - Indicates you have both incoming and unread links.

How does the delete work -Delete from inbox deletes the link permanently from your inbox links.

Delete from sent deletes the link your sent links and also deletes from the receiving user inbox if the link is not clicked.

Accidentally sent a link.

How do i undo it -Immediately after sending a link you can view it in the sent tab.

Click the delete button to undo the operation.

Disclaimer: Since the extension development is in its early stages, we do not own any responsibility for any loss of information stored in the extension.

1-Click Share Link Chrome extension Download

It is the 1-Click Share Link google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download 1-Click Share Link chrome extension (CRX)

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