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114 AD Blocker chrome extension

114 AD Blocker Google chrome Extension overview

114 AD Blocker chrome extension is A small tool helps to block the intruding China Telecom advertisement..

This extension intercepts intrusive ads by ChinaTelecom: 1. skips the terrible ad page by ChinaTelecom when you typed a wrong url.


chinatelecom replaces your first hit of any website everyday with its own ad page, this extension skips this ad page to open the website directly.

chinatelecom branches may poses different ways of sending the ads, this extension is only tested in Taizhou, Zhejiang, where the author lives now.

It may not act properly as designed in other areas, it needs your input to help me improve.

IMPORTANT: you may NOT visit http://www.vnet.cn or its branch sites after install this extension, since I put them all to the blacklist.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adblock Plus 1.

2. tzinfo.net—— Chromeiframe, framesettop, frames URL

114 AD Blocker Chrome extension Download

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