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19Pencils SiteSaver Google Chrome Extension Download

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19Pencils SiteSaver chrome extension

19Pencils SiteSaver Google chrome Extension overview

19Pencils SiteSaver chrome extension is The easiest way to discover, manage, and share educational content with students..

If you already have a 19pencils account you will be able to travel the far reaches of the world wide web and easily save any website directly to your 19pencils teacher class page!

With only a single click you can instantly make websites available to your students without requiring you to visit your 19pencils account dashboard.

Any website you save will have an automatic thumbnail generated and be placed within easy access of your students.

Quickly save all of your favorite web resources for later use or publish directly to your class page where your students can use them immediately.

19Pencils SiteSaver Chrome extension Download

It is the 19Pencils SiteSaver google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download 19Pencils SiteSaver chrome extension (CRX)

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