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1Login chrome extension

1Login Google chrome Extension overview

1Login chrome extension is Buy online in your favorite ecommerces with more ease and comfort. Over 230,000 stores..

one account.

Many possibilities.

Have you ever thought of having just one account for all your favorite ecommerces 1login wants to make your life easier.

Fill your informations in our website or mobile app, and done!

The next time you buy online, just click or touch the 1login button and your data will be filled.

*only in available ecommerces — Security Built to be safe.

We respect a lot our users privacy, using the best practices in development and data storage.

We care about your information as much as you do: far away from problems.

— agility It is hard to fill huge forms in smaller screens, isnt it And in big screens, it is boring and repetitive.

join 1login and use our button the next time you buy in optimized ecommerces.

1Login Chrome extension Download

It is the 1Login google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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