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2048 chrome extension

2048 Google chrome Extension overview

2048 chrome extension is Hey! You want to play 2048 offline? So just install this extension! Click something what you want to play You will be see how to….


You want to play 2048 offline So just install this extension!

click something what you want to play You will be see how to play option when you click something bellow.

Went to come back to 2048 lists so click back To 2048 lists link.

1) 2048 2) 4 3) 2048 hard-core 4) Flappy-2048 5) 2048-AI Have fun!

***This extension is created by set kyar wa lar.

Its not official***

2048 Chrome extension Download

It is the 2048 google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download 2048 chrome extension (CRX)

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