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20xx Ladder chrome extension

20xx Ladder Google chrome Extension overview

20xx Ladder chrome extension is SmashLadder+ for new design features, customization, and THEORIES.

20xx Ladder Some things on Anthers ladder annoy me...

So I made this to customize things: Cheats: - keep messages deleted by other users onscreen (prevents them hiding their tracks!)

- See if messages were deleted by users or mods - Option to disable sub hype sounds (Pikarap and other chu sounds) - Option to Hide/Show the big Ranked match column Visual Features: - cool new theme - Option to choose your own background image - Redesign of interface layout - smoother text, font, aliasing, and colors Message Protection: - Option to prevent old chat messages from disappearing to allow scrolling up to what youve read (similar to sub) Yeah its really good and stuff!

Cause Im amazing!

Thanks to sponsor @Milly from smashladder!

If you have any feature requests, let me know

20xx Ladder Chrome extension Download

It is the 20xx Ladder google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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