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Ad Block - AdFilter chrome extension

Ad Block - AdFilter Google chrome Extension overview

Ad Block - AdFilter chrome extension is Free AdFilter that blocks advertisements that is not related to your interests, identified through your browsing habits..

free ad block adfilter that blocks advertisements that is not related to your interest, identified through your browsing habits.

Ad Block AdFilter is a free application that uses artificial intelligence to automatically and anonymously analyse and block any advertisements that does not pertain to your interests, tastes and habits, using your daily browsing as a source of learning.

As you browse the Internet, the ad block adfilter uses artificial intelligence algorithms to learn and understand the types of content, issues, brands and products that you like best, blocking all other advertisements that are not relevant to you, basically 99% of them.

People usually dont want to block all advertisements on the Internet, otherwise they would be 100% disconnected from all subjects, brands and companies that they love to follow.

What they seek is a way to view only the ads that are really relevant, the Top 1%, and thats why we created the Ad Block AdFilter to resolve this problem.

ad block ad filter for google chrome blocks: • banners • advertisements on youtube • advertisements on facebook • pop-ups • invasive and annoying advertisements If you have any technical problem during your installation or use of the application, please contact us through our website or e-mail: [email protected] Lets build an internet that is cleaner and relevant to everyone together!

:-) Ad Block AdFilters team

Ad Block - AdFilter Chrome extension Download

It is the Ad Block - AdFilter google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Ad Block - AdFilter chrome extension (CRX)

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