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miniLock chrome extension is used to File encryption software that does more with less.. miniLock lets you encrypt any file quickly and easily, and share it securely with any friend that has a miniLock ID. Open miniLock and enter your email and passphrase. miniLock uses your passphrase to generate a miniLock ID. You can then send your miniLock ID to friends and they will be able to encrypt files and send them to you. You can send files to your friends once you have their miniLock IDs. miniLock IDs are very small and easy to communicate. They fit inside a tweet, business card or text message. Entering your passphrase on any computer with miniLock installed will immediately give you the same miniLock ID. miniLock allows you to also encrypt files for yourself to decrypt later. It can encrypt files to multiple recipients, and has other features such as anonymizing both the sender and recipients of an encrypted file. The idea behind miniLock's design is that passphrase memorized by the user, along with their email address, can act as a complete, portable basis for a persistent public key identity and provide a full substitute for other key pair models, such as having the key pair stored on disk media (the PGP approach). miniLock is audited, peer-reviewed software. It's developed using proven cryptographic standards and under the scrutiny of the open source cryptography community. Find out more at

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