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AdKiller-XenMe chrome extension

AdKiller-XenMe Google chrome Extension overview

AdKiller-XenMe chrome extension is Video Ad Killer for YouKu / Tudou / Ku6.

4/1/2014 =========== ============ Given Im only written this plugin for remove the video ads only, but days ago, Youku change the player again, and I found a better and stable one for remove the ads, so please using that one.

video ad killer for YouKu/Tudou/Ku6 Changelog: 12/21/2013 remove iQiyi support 9/23/2013 remove function for google search redirection.

9/22/2013 remove ad blocker for Baidu union to make the tools focus on killing ads for video site.

if you want to block ads for other site, you can using adblock plus.

9/21/2013 update for block tudou ads.

9/15/2013 update to use the new url

AdKiller-XenMe Chrome extension Download

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