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Advanced start page chrome extension

Advanced start page Google chrome Extension overview

Advanced start page chrome extension is Everything you do on the internet … on a single page. It's your personnal dashboard.

Our chrome extension lets you quickly and easily create your own home page.

Forget about having numerous memory-hungry tabs open in your browser.

Now you can do it all from your custom dashboard.

* News: Monitor the news that interests you.

* Applications: Single-click launch the sites and applications you use the most.

* Social updates: Your page updates with the latest from your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social connections.

* Mail: Stay on top of your inboxes.

* DIY design: It’s easy to change the colors and layout of your personal home page.

Just drag, drop and click.

At last.

It’s the fun, flexible way to manage your online life from a single page.

About security and permissions warnings ---------------------- This application requires access to various chrome permissions that are needed to provide you with more customization and a better user experience (geolocation, browsing history, etc...).

Help us to make this application better!

---------------------- - if you like this product, please give it stars :) - were happy to read and reply to your comments as well.

Check out our other great extensions and web apps at - we do NOT store your browsing history!

although access to the chrome.tabs api is required, the application will never look or save your history.

Please read for more information.

versions: - 2.0.0 : new design - 1.1.0: bug fix - 1.0 : initial release

Advanced start page Chrome extension Download

It is the Advanced start page google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Advanced start page chrome extension (CRX)

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