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AlloWord chrome extension

AlloWord Google chrome Extension overview

AlloWord chrome extension is Smart tool to not miss all thousands of words you have seen so far!!.

Alloword is a browser extension that provides a wide range of useful information such as translations, synonyms, definitions, images, Wikipedia, youtube videos and many more, for any selected word or phrase, right inside the same page you are reading!

A kind of Babylon bot for webpages!

Most of times to translate a word or a text you should switch to the other tab, or using another software, which is not easy while you are reading a text.

So in result you will prefer to not translate and you will lose 1000 of words!

There are some other extension that you can select a word and a "Pop Up" message will show the translation!

But If again you need it, somewhere else in the same page, you have to translate it again!

But AlloWord, will inject the translation into the the page content and you will have all the time you are in the same page.

Also later when you check this page again, AlloWord remembers those word you have translated before and will translate them to make the reading job more tasty!

AlloWord saves all the word you have translated so you can search through your words and review them again!

Also AlloWord is smart enough to guess which word you might forget its meaning and will translate it for you, before you asl!

And everyday you will have top 10 words that most probably you have forgotten their meaning.

Finally, for each selected text you will have wikipedia definition, more definition in English and many other examples of those words.

So in summary: 1) Translate any selected text 2) show translation inside of web page (No Popup) 3) Save and remember your words 4) Browse on translated words 5) Guess what you dont know

AlloWord Chrome extension Download

It is the AlloWord google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download AlloWord chrome extension (CRX)

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