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AudioScroll Extension chrome extension

AudioScroll Extension Google chrome Extension overview

AudioScroll Extension chrome extension is Scroll the page using hand gestures that are detected by a doppler speaker/microphone process.

This extension provides the ability to scroll through web pages using only hand gestures.

Once enabled, a tone is emitted through the speaker and is picked up by the microphone.

By moving your hand towards or away from the microphone, you compress or decompress the sound waves slightly which is detected and used to scroll the page.

### important ###: - Make sure any headphones are unplugged and the speaker volume is on loud.

- Be sure to click allow when the extension asks for microphone access.

(If you accidentally click block, you can change your preferences by clicking the video icon in the right side of the omnibox) ################ Known Bugs: - Sometimes when multiple pages are running audio scroll, a lower frequency tone can be heard.

(to fix this, disable and re-enable audio scroll a few times) Open Source: This extension is open source and can be viewed on GitHub here: It is licensed under the MIT-License.

Credits: Thanks to Daniel Rapp for providing the doppler.js library extension created by Harrison Green

AudioScroll Extension Chrome extension Download

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