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Avira Browser Safety Google Chrome Extension Download

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Avira Browser Safety chrome extension

Avira Browser Safety Google chrome Extension overview

Avira Browser Safety chrome extension is Protects your privacy by blocking online threats..

Your surfing made private and secure Avira Browser Safety protects you from malicious websites & ensures your privacy doesn’t get compromised.

Safe surfing - Surf safely: we block 80 million+ malicious sites per month.

- Don’t get fooled: we stop 20 million+ phishing & spam attacks per month.

- Download safely: we prevent 1 million+ potentially unwanted programs (PUA) from hiding in your downloads.

Private browsing - Anti-tracking: we block 1,000s of ad networks from monitoring you online.

- Plus, our tracker blocking technology doesn’t break websites!

Smarter searches - Know before you go: we highlight infected sites directly in your search results.

- Anti-hijacking: we prevent redirects to malicious search engines.

Avira Browser Safety Chrome extension Download

It is the Avira Browser Safety google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Avira Browser Safety chrome extension (CRX)

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