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Bamboo chrome extension is Save and Share Web Highlights.

Save and share web highlights.

Bamboo is for people who enjoy reading.

We all highlight when we read paper books, but the we havent been able to highlight on our computer screens conveniently.

Until now.

Bamboo is the easiest way to save and share your highlights on any webpage.

--- Save highlights in 2 simple steps: 1.

select text 2.

Click on the bamboo toolbar icon You can also save with bamboo using the right-click menu.

See highlights: Your own highlights and popular highlights from other people are automatically loaded on any webpage.

share highlights: Hover on the highlight and choose the desired service to share to.

A beautiful highlight shot will be generated for you so your post will look great!

--- Bamboo is also available for iOS.

Learn more at

Happy highlighting!

Bamboo is deleted from Previously it is on chrome store,its urls is

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