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Better Twitch Teams chrome extension

Better Twitch Teams Google chrome Extension overview

Better Twitch Teams chrome extension is Adds various improvements to the team pages on Twitch.

adds various improvements to the team pages on Twitch to make them more functional.

Adds chat, adds a follow team button, adds a follow channel button for the channel currently loaded, scales the video while maintaining a 16:9 aspect ratio, puts all team members in one scrollable list instead of pages, etc.

To load channels in MultiMode just right click on a channel button from the list in the left column.

To exit multimode, just left click on a channel button.

version 0.0.2 - Released 08-20-2014: * added various css tweaks for better alignment of the vertical columns * Added a "follow team" button * Moved the team banners to the info section as a header image * Added a "darkened" style to team pages for BetterTTV users * better twitch teams is NOT associated with BetterTTV in any fashion * You can find BetterTTV at: Version 0.0.3 - Released 08-22-2014: * added stream preview images to the tooltips for live channel buttons * Subscribe and follow channel buttons will be hidden if you are already subbed to/following the currently selected channel * made several minor css tweaks to the default and dark styles Version 0.0.4 - Released 10-11-2014: * Improved detection for darkmode in BetterTwitchTV * Tweaked the layout to make the team pages more like channel pages * Left and right columns are static * The middle column (section under the player) scrolls * The player, left column, and right column should now always be in full view * You can now minimize/maximize the left column by clicking on the team logo/name at the top of the left column, just above the follow team button * Stats and description text for the loaded channel will now update every 60 seconds * replaced default browser scroll frames with nano scroll frames * Made several small css tweaks Version 0.0.5 - Released 03-06-2015: * Added support for chat Darkmode * Added support for teams via event pages (ie: * You can now collapse the left column by clicking on the Team logo * Made several small css tweaks Version 0.0.6 - Released 03-06-2015: * Resolved some css conflicts with Better Twitch TV Version 0.0.7 - Released 03-08-2015: * Fixed the username lookup issue that was effecting follow/sub functions Version 0.0.8 - Released 06-15-2015: * Tweaked the css so the page layout and function is more like a channel page * Enabling/disablin

Better Twitch Teams Chrome extension Download

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