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CCTV View chrome extension

CCTV View Google chrome Extension overview

CCTV View chrome extension is Watch up to 20 webcams or CCTV cams within your browser..

*** 13 Mar 2014: Version of cctv view adds synchronisation of settings as well as some minor layout changes and code improvements.

*** 22 Feb 2014: Just launched cctv monitor, its based on this extension but without the popup view.

Some of its features: Options are synced between browsers, descriptions can be displayed in a transparent overlay, tabs can be set to rotate automatically at a predefined interval.

Check it out!

This extension allows you to define up to 16 cctv or webcam urls.

Every time the toolbar button is clicked it will show an updated version of the image.

I wrote it to be able to look at my cctv cameras with the click of a button.

I use Zoneminder (, an open source cctv monitoring system.

you can either use the image url from the watch window or the jpeg stream url from the montage window.

For still images just copy the image url from the watch window (should look something like http://server/cgi-bin/nph-zmsmode=single&monitor=13&scale=100&connkey=193577&rand=1314794770 and paste this in the image url fields on the cctv view options page.

For streaming jpeg images youll need to copy the url parameter from the video stream on the montage window.

This extension needs access to to allow the facebook like button.

It also needs access to tabs which unfortunately includes browsing activity, this is needed to allow the monitor page to be loaded and for the target links you can set for each camera.

Also check out my cctv view mobile web app: Changelog: - bug fix: somehow some javascript code was duplicated.

this has been cleaned up. - Textual change & removed some unused files - removed paypal donation button (Apparently Google doesnt like it...) - replaced minified jquery and jquery-ui by the non-minified versions (another thing google may not like) - Updated jquery to 2.1.1 - Updated jquery-ui to 1.10.4 - removed unused javascript and css files - Added Rate Me link - Code cleanup - Minor bug fixes - Settings are now synchronised to all your chrome instances on other computers when logged into chrome - some minor layout changes and code improvements. - Fixed manifest.json again.

- Fixed issue with html element creation (createElement(image) no longer works, should be createElement(img) now).

- replaced background page with a script - Updated jQuery to a more recent version - upda

CCTV View Chrome extension Download

It is the CCTV View google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download CCTV View chrome extension (CRX)

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