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chromeIPass Google chrome Extension overview

chromeIPass chrome extension is KeePass integration for browser Chrome using KeePassHttp.

like chromeipass use android checkout keepshare in the Play store KeePass integration for browser Chrome using KeePassHttp chromeIPass brings KeePass integration to the google chrome browser!

please visit us on for detailed and illustrated documentation.

Changes: 2.8.0: community fixes, thank you everyone.

2.7.2: fixes and updates from the community, thank you 2.7.1: CTRL+SHIFT+U and CTRL+SHIFT+P are fixed 2.7.0: Loads of community improvements, thanks @all 2.6.8: bugfixes from the github community, thank you.

2.6.7: remove sourcemapping url 2.6.6: Lukas Schulze: add password generator quality indicator, fix/relocate keepasshttp versioncheck 2.6.3: Lukas Schulze: add remember credentials via context menu, fix auto-fill if only StringFields are selected, improve appearance of password generator icon, make hostname+port configurable. Lukas Schulze: fix detecting forms after pressing shortcut 2.5.2: Lukas Schulze: fix support for dropdown-menus,add debug-mode, add option to unlock database only on manual user interaction, change display duration of remember-password dialog, improve recognition of password forms 2.5.1p1: integrate minor bugfixes 2.5.1: Lukas Schulze: support dropdowns for stringfield values 2.5.0: Lukas Schulze: add support for multiple string fields; add option to disable automatic fill-in; allow choosing password fields as username fields; fix keepasshttp update notification 2.3.4: Lukas Schulze: fix "checking status" bug 2.3.3: Lukas Schulze: added permissions for update-function for KeePassHttp; added keyboard support for context-menu; fixed escaping identifiers; fixed detection of field combinations when pressing Ctrl+Shift+U; redesigned dialog of password-generator 2.3.1: Lukas Schulze: added password-generator (only works with the latest version of KeePassHttp, disabled for older versions); changed the way of identifying and accessing credential fields (no longer uses only the ID of an field, because several sites dont use unique IDs); improved feature choose-own-credential-fields 2.2.3: Lukas Schulze: fix jquery css styling issues (chromeipass no longer override web-site appearance).

fix jquery date pickers.

2.2.1: Update to webstore manifest version2.

Completely re-worked for the updated chrome extension apis, supports updating and saving new keepass entries, support

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