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Clip to OneNote Google Chrome Extension Download

  • Clip to OneNote for chrome Free download , Clip to OneNote chrome extension download , Clip to OneNote addon download for Google chrome
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    Clip to OneNote
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    Jayarathina Madharasan
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Clip to OneNote chrome extension

Clip to OneNote Google chrome Extension overview

Clip to OneNote chrome extension is Clip selected content to OneNote right from the context menu (Right Click Menu)..

clip formatted text and pictures from the context menu to ms office onenote.

You need to download Clip to onenote listener in order for this extension to work.

Download it here: Java is NOT required for the listener to run.

And the complete source code is available online at Short-cut to clip content: Alt+Shift+L PLEASE READ THE HELP FILE: You have to set the port number shown in the listener in the extensions preference page.

Select content on a web-page, right click and choose Clip to OneNote from the context menu; the selection will be clipped to OneNote.

Note that if no selection was made the entire page will be clipped.

This is the official add-on by the same author of Firefoxs Clip to onenote add-on.

(URL: If you have problem with this extension please contact me by using this form: Please do not post your queries as a review below.

If you find this extension useful for you, please consider making a contribution by PayPal : Any amount is welcome, it’s the thought that counts.

Clip to OneNote Chrome extension Download

It is the Clip to OneNote google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Clip to OneNote chrome extension (CRX)

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