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Clock Radio chrome extension

Clock Radio Google chrome Extension overview

Clock Radio chrome extension is A clock radio more than 40,000 stations and lightning fast search to find and play popular artists and shows. .

This is a virtual clock radio for your computer.

The current time will always be display at the top of your browser so even if youre operating in full screen mode you can always see the time.

Clicking on the time brings up an amazingly powerful radio that you can use to find the perfect background music or to play your favorite popular songs.

Search for a song, artist or genre and play it.

Speaking of favorites, you can star your favorite songs and quickly get to them.

It comes with handy hourly reminders that not only help you keep track of time, but recommend music based on the music youve already played.

If youre a talk radio fan you will find nearly every show on radio and all popular podcasts just by doing a quick search and then playing them.

Thanks for trying clock radio.

Please be sure and leave feedback because were constantly improving the product and love to hear from users1 3.6 UPDATES: - notification time syntax fixed.

- fast forward button added.

- Unlimited skips.

- Reviews added.

- record button added.

- talk radio button added.

Clock Radio Chrome extension Download

It is the Clock Radio google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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