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Data Scraper chrome extension

Data Scraper Google chrome Extension overview

Data Scraper chrome extension is Data Scraper extracts data out of HTML web pages and imports it into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Scraper by is a tool for scraping data out of html web pages and into spreadsheets like google sheets or Microsoft Excel.

With data miner you can extract data from tables and lists and easily import them into a XLS or csv formatted file.

FREE for 98% of our users.

paid subscription plans for high volume users.

How to use it 1) Highlight some text in a table or a list 2) Right click on the highlighted text and select "DataMiner - Get similar" from the context menu 3) The table will be automatically parsed 4) You can adjust the table selector or column selector with xpath 5) Export your data to CSV file and open it in Excel or Google Sheets What it can be used for: * Scrape results from google search results or LinkedIn * Extract emails from facebook using facebook uid * Parse Amazon or shopping ecommerce website product list and extract prices * screen scrape emails and addressed from websites * Automated crawling of paginated websites.

* Single page or multi page crawling.

Automatic navigation to next page.

* Save time by not writing complex regex (regular expressions) * convert html tables into clean CSV, TSV format (comma/tab separated values) * Collect data for SEO optimization, and page rank improvement * get facebook uid (FB UID) for recruiters and candidates Latest Update: Jan 6, 2016 How does Data Miner works Data Miner uses Xpath and JQuery Seclector to identify the information in the HTML web page.

Then it scrapes that information and presents it to you in form of a table which you can download as CSV file.

It supports UTF-* so double by characters like chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc are correctly scraped.

You dont need to be an xpath genius because Data Miner has community generated data extraction rules for common websites.

But if you want to do advance scraping it helps to know the basics of xpath and CSS and JQuery select.

With Data Miner it takes 1 click to get data from many common websites.

So it is even faster than using Kimono.

Happy Scraping :-) (C) 2015 Copyright Software Innovation Lab 0ac2fe36a0ee4ecaab4e1ae011164326

Data Scraper Chrome extension Download

It is the Data Scraper google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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