DeKi: Delete Kindle Items Chrome Extension

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DeKi: Delete Kindle Items Google Chrome Extension Download

DeKi: Delete Kindle Items Extension for Chrome

DeKi: Delete Kindle Items chrome extension is Batch delete Items from your kindle library @

batch delete items from your kindle library @

Deki: delete kindle items ------------------- sorry, previous version desnT WORK DUE TO PERMISSIONS Instead, This version only provide operation steps.

Hope it helps :-) You could try a bookmark with following code as location URL in other browsers not with such a strict security.

javascript:void((function(j,d){d=document;j=d.createElement(script);j.src=;d.body.insertBefore(j,d.body.firstChild);j=null})()) ------------------- This is a simple tool help you batch delete items in your kindle library.

Bulk delete is helpful when you want to remove some subscribe content.

DeKi: Delete Kindle Items is deleted from Previously it is on chrome store,its urls is

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