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Development favicon Chrome Extension, Plugin, Addon Download for Google Chrome Browser

Development favicon Chrome Extension

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Development favicon Google Chrome Extension Download

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Development favicon chrome extension

Development favicon Google chrome Extension overview

Development favicon chrome extension is Assign colored stripes to favicons, based on wildcard paths..

Ever find yourself with tons of tabs open; many with the same favicon and often the same page title Its difficult to know at a glance which tab is which without clicking to it.

This extension lets you target URLs with a regex match pattern (so .*.local.

* for my local environment) and apply effects to the favicon.

Ive got my local dev environment with a green stripe across the top, the staging server with a yellow one, and could set different production environments with different colors and effects.

You could also match and apply effects for different signed-in Google accounts, to know which Google Drive is open, or any number of useful things.

Development favicon Chrome extension Download

It is the Development favicon google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Development favicon chrome extension (CRX)

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