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Dimensions chrome extension

Dimensions Google chrome Extension overview

Dimensions chrome extension is A tool for designers to measure screen dimensions.

# area boundaries wanna get the radius of a circle Is text standing in your way press alt to measure the dimensions of a connected area.

# Images & HTML Elements Measure between the following elements: images, input-fields, buttons, videos, gifs, text, icons.

You can measure everything you see in the browser.

# Mockups Your designer handed you mockups as PNGs or JPEGs Just drop them into Chrome, activate Dimensions and start measuring.

# Keyboard Shortcut For the best experience set a keyboard shortcut in the Extension Settings to quickly enable and disable dimensions.

# open source Dimensions is Open Source and hosted on Github.

Want to port it to firefox go ahead and fork it.

Pull requests are welcomed!

Dimensions Chrome extension Download

It is the Dimensions google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Dimensions chrome extension (CRX)

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