Down Right Now Chrome Extension

Down Right Now chrome extension

Down Right Now for Chrome Download

Down Right Now chrome extension is The Right Download Manager for your browser.

The right download manager for your browser.
Free & Open-source software that helps you to download all links, pictures, videos from YOUTUBE and other video sites, TORRENT files, and other media you find on the Web.

It's called a "mass" download manager, because it helps you to select, organize, prioritize and run your downloads in parallel.


(1) Collect images, music, documents, files

(2) download youtube and other video sites

(3) Peer-to-peer BitTorrent

(4) Manage and prioritize the queue

(5) Stop, pause, resume downloads

(6) Recreate the same sub-directories as the web page

(7) Batch Rename, Open and move downloaded items

How it works?


The browser add-on (this extension, called "DownRightNow") sends the links to the open-source standalone C++ application ("DownZemAll!").

Why a standalone application? This download manager is a standalone application, in order to separate this extension’s life cycle from the browser’s life cycle. Moreover a standalone manager provides a lot more features, not limited to the Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera browser or WebExtensions' API, so we could implement all the features we imagine.

Project History


This extension was inspired by the old downthemall firefox extension, which was said abandoned after firefox moved to WebExtensions.

This extension provides the same look-and-feel of classic downthemall , and more.



- Thanks to Andy Portmen for the native-client plugin.

- Thanks to people contributing to Youtube-DL.

- Special thanks to the developers of the legacy plugin downthemall, especially for keeping the resources free and open-source.

- Thanks to Arvid Norberg and contributors for the libtorrent library.

Contact and Support


Hope you like this extension. Please leave a comment here or on Github.

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How to install Down Right Now chrome extension in chrome Browser

You can Follow the below Step By Step procedure to install the Down Right Now Chrome Extension to your Chrome Web browser.

  • Step 1: Go to the Chrome webstore or download the extension Down Right Now Chrome Extension Download from
  • Step 2: Now search for the Down Right Now in Chrome Webstore Search and click on the search button.
  • Step 3: click on the Down Right Now Chrome Extension Link
  • Step 4: in the next page click on the Add to Chrome button to Download and Install the Down Right Now extension for your Chrome Web browser .

Down Right Now Chrome extension Download

Looking for a method to Down Right Now Download for Chrome then this download link is for you.

It is the Down Right Now Chrome extension download link you can download and install Chrome Browser.

Download Down Right Now chrome extension (CRX)

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