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DownAlbum chrome extension

DownAlbum Google chrome Extension overview

DownAlbum chrome extension is Download Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, Weibo Album..

please press ctrl+S & save with "Web Page, Complete" type Support: Facebook(Album, Photos of, Tagged photos, Search, Group, Message), Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, Weibo Tutorial links: Chrome: Firefox: Opera: (Install this first to install extension version) ------------------------------------------ Userscript Version (For Firefox, Opera, Safari): Donate for my work: (Thank you very much!) All site permission, is used for download files from facebook & instagram which URLs change over time.

Tab permission is used to open a new tab.

Modified from download fb album by blackbing: Credit to fancyBox(by Janis Skarnelis), FileSaver(by Eli Grey), zip.js (by Gildas Lormeau) & file api tool ( **Click ReStyle if the images position are wrong/fancyBox isnt loaded** Download Steps: 1.

Click the page actions button in any album/profile 2.

Select your option: 1 -> normal download: try to autoload all photos 2 -> download without auto load: only output loaded photos( For large album ) 3 -> load from specific id: useful when autoload stopped due to error and want to load after the last photo grabbed.

( For very large album to optimize loading speed ) ( e.g.

500th -> end not 1st -> end ) <- Enter this number -- Load Captions, Comments & Friend tag ( take longer time ) -- large album optimize ( Save the page as usual ) -- compress data ( save more data for option 4 ) Fast: lzw, Extreme: lzma+lzw.

Try none/fast if crash occur.

4 -> export last album ( may not work for large album ) 3.

Save the new page opened.

( Press "Ctrl+S" & save with "Web Page, Complete" type ) **ChangeName is used to rename file name to (ascending) order Steps to change name: 1.

Click ChangeName->Ok to reverse photos order 2.

Auto Zip all -> Wait & Done!

(html is packed inside zip) OR 3.

Save the page with images -> drag photos you needed 4.

Click Change Name 5.

Zip all files -> Unzip & Done!


If you want to view generated page offline,save the HTML in zip again to embed the script )

DownAlbum Chrome extension Download

It is the DownAlbum google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download DownAlbum chrome extension (CRX)

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