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Download Master Google Chrome Extension Download

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Download Master chrome extension

Download Master Google chrome Extension overview

Download Master chrome extension is Intercept downloads for Download Master, download a file or a group of files from the context menu..

Download with download master* by clicking on the any file link.

Enable or disable browser integration from the extension menu, set the minimum file size from the extension options.

Extension adds the ability to download using download master *. specified file or group of files from the browsers context menu.

After installing the plug-in a new section with items "download link" and "Download all links" is added the context menu of Chrome.

Right-clicking on the link (example link) you will see a menu with 2 new items added: - Select "Download link" if you want to download the selected file.

- Select "Download ALL links" if you want to download multiple files located on this page.

When entering the page with the video clip, if the video service is supported, extension button will be changed.

Click on it and select “Download video”, you transfer the movie for download using Download Master*.

If you highlight text on a page, right-click and choose "Find selection on".

You will go directly to the page with the search results where you can download your files.

* The plug-in must be installed on the PC together with Download Master.

Download Master Chrome extension Download

It is the Download Master google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Download Master chrome extension (CRX)

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