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Easy Replace chrome extension

Easy Replace Google chrome Extension overview

Easy Replace chrome extension is Search/find and replace text inside browser without leaving it..

Unfortunately, browsers dont have built-in search and replace tool so you either copy text in another text editor and replace there or simply do it manually.

This extension handles this lack of functionality and lets you replace text without leaving the browser.

NOTE: You should refresh all opened pages after installation to make plugin work.

Supported features: * Case-sensitive search * Full Regex replacement support Changelog from version to * added keyboard shortcut (Alt + Down) to find next result RECOMMENDATION: add keyboard shortcut (I use Ctrl + H) to open extension faster from keyboard.

To do that navigate to the Extensions page (chrome://extensions), select Easy Replace in the list, scroll down to the bottom and click "Keyboard Shortcuts", assign desired shortcut and click OK. Changelog from version to * Adjusted styles for the latest google chrome.

Changelog from version to * Fixed!

automatic scroll inside textarea when text is adjusted with line-breaks.

Changelog from version to * Added ability to replace text inside inputs in iframes * added multiline regex.

Known issues: * automatic scroll inside iframe is broken.

Easy Replace Chrome extension Download

It is the Easy Replace google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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