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eDoC chrome extension is eDoC is both an offline and an online editor with dropbox and local file integration. Built on top of the ace editor it offers many….

eDoC is both an offline and an online editor with dropbox and local file integration. Built on top of the ace editor it offers many….
eDoC is both an offline and an online editor with dropbox and local file integration. Built on top of the ace editor it offers many features such as code higlighting, syntax checking, autocompletion as you type, drag and drop and many more features and options to choose from. When choosing options there is a "preview" editor on the right side, this allows you to visually see the changes that the different options apply to the editors.

Several "coding modes", Single view, dual view left right or top bottom, triple view bottom single or top single, Quadro view. Every mode is resizable and independent of eachother.

We also offer a special web development preview window, which includes chromes very useful "inspect element" feature, initiated by ctrl e, note: only inline script tags can be executed at the moment, aswell as only inline style tags. External js, php or css files will not be executed, yet. This feature was mostly designed with chromebook and chrome OS in mind.

The future.

Add more language modes.

Google Drive and Github integration.

Syntax checking only available to a selected number of languages.

Version 2.0 update


Complete rewrite of the gui. Looks alot better

Big rewrite for the file handling

Added drag and drop for the placement of the tabs.

Many, many bug fixes


version update


Ctrl-shift-t now reopens closed files.

When you close any file containing unsaved changes it prompts you with a decision.

Tried to make log off button, but not yet supported. Uninstalling the app and reinstalling it usually works.

Added icons to right click menu

Added update file or folder function to right click menu

Fixed rename in right click menu

Ctrl+scroll now resizes the font size. Added this for touch device aswell, however unable to test this so this may or may not work.


Version update


Many bugfixes

Complete rewrite of the file tree, it now uses jstree and looks much better.

added right click to add new file, folder or delete file or folder and ALL its contents. Renaming a file or folder is also a option but this is not yet functional.

Fixed bugs in the local file system, as well as dragging multiple files, this should now work as expected.

Fixed bugs in the new web view, ctrl e, aswell as added a new way to select the files to be executed. Ctrl e will prompt you with a selection, if you currently have files open in the editor these will be the first ones you may select, you may also select from your dropbox giving it a fullpath. If you choose both a fullpath and a file you have open it will not execute and give you an error message.

WebView now runs inline style and script tags. Not external files! This will be added in an update.

Reduced the notification time from 2 to 1 seconds

Aswell as many more bugfixed and minor changes.


Version 1.1.6 update


Fixes to the dropbox functionality

The webview window is now operational, ctrl-e to excecute it. It finds any relevant html file, here is the order that is searches the files.

First the left view, then the right view, then the top view, the the top left view, then the top right view, the the bottom view, then the bottom left view, then the bottom right view.

Will add a way to specify the files to open in the future. Not currently css and js file functionality, you should be able to include both script and style tags in your html code.

Added a slightly new way to update the user on file handling, mainly for dropbox functionality.



Version 1.1.5 update

Bug fixes

Can now scroll past end.

added esc shortcut, can now remove file tree.

ctrl e, to execute, not quite finished yet.

Proper alignment of options bar

Make the file handler div/list the rest of the page

Cannot open the same file twice anymore

If you open two files with different origins but same name it will add the file path to one of the names.

More mischelanous stuff


/*Update for Version 1.1.4*/

Bug Fixes

Changed autocomplete so that it automatically selects first element in the popup.

Dropbox should now try to connect when you first download the app.

The options are now functional, they do not reset after saving twice anymore ;)

Theme select does not add alot of options each time you select a new one.

Fixed the forward and back pictures.

The list of the names of the files currently open does no longer contain a gap between the editor and the list.

Removed the function for alt 7 and alt 0 on windows to close code snippets. This function has been moved to Ctrl-Alt-7 and Ctrl-Alt-0 to fold and unfold the code, respectively.

when doing ctrl w or pressing x to close a file it will no longer show the closed file.

Fixed the heigth of the screen so it adjust correctly when in full screen mode. It also takes into account the toolbar.

/*Update Version 1.1.3*/

Bug Fixes

Dropbox should now be functional.

Updated half the UI, add pictures tomorrow.

added bug button.

Fixed resizing and made it resize automatically.

Also updated the new document to support more file types.

It also now Fills the entire screen

How to install eDoC chrome extension in chrome Browser

You can Follow the below Step By Step procedure to install the eDoC Chrome Extension to your Chrome Web browser.

  • Step 1: Go to the Chrome webstore https://chrome.google.com/webstore or download the extension eDoC Chrome Extension Download from https://pluginsaddonsextensions.com
  • Step 2: Now search for the eDoC in Chrome Webstore Search and click on the search button.
  • Step 3: click on the eDoC Chrome Extension Link
  • Step 4: in the next page click on the Add to Chrome button to Download and Install the eDoC extension for your Chrome Web browser .

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