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Facebook AD Blocker Google Chrome Extension Download

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Facebook AD Blocker chrome extension

Facebook AD Blocker Google chrome Extension overview

Facebook AD Blocker chrome extension is The Ultimate Facebook AD Remover!.

No more annoying facebook ads!

facebook ad blocker to the rescue.

Facebook AD Blocker will block every single ad on Facebook.

No more distractions, no more silly offers!

This extension has very small footprint, no loads of memory consumption like other solutions.

it just does one small task and it does it perfectly!

Rate Us - Instructions: - Install the extension (Add to Chrome) - Visit Facebook (Or refresh a pre-loaded facebook page) - Enjoy Notes: - This extension is updated to the current page structure of Facebook.

We will always keep fixing and updating the extension.

You can email us at support(at)fb-adblocker.com - If you liked the extension, please leave us a review on Chrome Store and rate the extension.

Terms and Conditions: By using this extension, you agree to our terms and conditions found at http://fb-adblocker.com/terms.html

Facebook AD Blocker Chrome extension Download

It is the Facebook AD Blocker google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Facebook AD Blocker chrome extension (CRX)

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