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FantasyPlus chrome extension

FantasyPlus Google chrome Extension overview

FantasyPlus chrome extension is Adds extra data and information (projections, stats, depth charts, etc.) to fantasy football sites (ESPN, Yahoo, and FleaFlicker)..

================ release notes: * 3.1.4 (2016-11-03) * - removing es6 syntax * 3.1.3 (2016-11-02) * - Fixing a few incorrect player names * 3.1.2 (2016-10-26) * - Trendline colors now based on historical per-position averages - faster loading times for FantasyPros - Fix for yahoo free agency data * 3.1.0 (2016-10-15) * - Added option to select experts - Improved speed/timing for iAvg and Trendlines - Trendlines now show whether the player was Out or on a Bye (gray dot) - Current score now updates frequently during a game, but not otherwise - improved loading indicator * 3.0.0 (2016-10-05) * - Big Update!

- added extension options page - added extension icon and dropdown - Fix for yahoo dst projections - Fix for yahoo bye week cells - Added projections for first downs - Performance improvements ================ -- What is this -- This extension adds weekly projected points, rankings, standard deviations, depth charts, and injury-adjusted averages from FantasyPros and FantasySharks (for D/ST and IDP) to the default projections.

The numbers are customized for your league settings (so PPR, as an example, is automatically added in).

** Currently supports ESPN, Yahoo, and FleaFlicker ** -- Future Ideas -- - Support NFL, CBS - Give the option to select which experts you want - Add more projected sources, especially for defense -- Known Issues -- - Some esoteric scoring settings are not currently monitored (eg.

"2 points for the first 10 yards if your name starts with a J") - FantasyPros doesnt have return yardage, which can be pretty valuable -- Permissions -- - Asks for HTTP and HTTPS, since I need to grab the data from across the internet, and the sources frequently change.


FantasyPlus Chrome extension Download

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