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Fast AdBlock - chrome extension is Fast AdBlock -

fast adblock -

fast adblock - The Chrome Extension will block over 50k ad domains, tracking sites and malware.

Easy button to switch on/off from the toolbar.

The extension will block most ads while consuming the minimum amount of cpu and memory on your browser.

You can measure the webpages loadtimes.

See how much faster is your favourite site with adblock.

To use a more complete block list (up to 900k domains) you can use our free dns adblock service at using our dns service will block more ads and can be used on multiple computers, mobiles or your whole network.

100,000 users in 100+ countries use adblock contact us at 1 (206) 456-1449 or [email protected]

Fast AdBlock - is deleted from Previously it is on chrome store,its urls is

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