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Fast Search for eBay chrome extension

Fast Search for eBay Google chrome Extension overview

Fast Search for eBay chrome extension is Highly configurable, feature rich eBay extension..

Fast Search for eBay is an advanced, highly configurable ebay extension for Google Chrome.

features include chrome sync, search any ebay international site, search suggest, save search configurations, watch listings, view popular listings, eBay deals, a dozen sorting options and many more.

Fast Search for eBay is highly configurable!

Now with Chrome Sync!

Fast Search for eBay will sync all your settings, saved searches, watched listings and search configurations on all devices.

To learn more about Chrome Sync and how you can benefit from using it, go here: Want to monitor or track a particular listing or auction With a click of the mouse you can stay on top of your favorite listings inside the "Watching" tab.

Do you often search for the same keyword but with a different search criteria save your favorite search configurations to easily monitor active listings in a particular category/ price range or keyword.

Fast Search for ebay features - Save Search Configurations - Watch Listings - Search for free shipping listings - eBay Deals - Select a default tab when extension is loaded.

- View & search popular ebay listings - intelligent search auto complete - search specific category - search auctions / Buy It Now & More - Min / Max Price - Item Condition - Image Hover / Zoom - Open listings/auctions in same or new window - search completed / sold listings - Alternative/relevant search suggestion - search page refreshes every 60 seconds * If you prefer to view this extension inside of a tab, paste the following into your browser: chrome-extension://kjajclaocdighkjplbekkofpmdbcjghf/search.html Supported eBay sites - ebay united states - eBay Austria - eBay Australia - eBay Belgium (French) - eBay Canada (English) - eBay Germany - eBay France - eBay India - eBay Ireland - eBay Italy - eBay Netherlands - eBay Spain - eBay Switzerland - eBay UK IMPORTANT: Fast Search for eBay is not associated with eBay, does NOT ask for your ebay login information and you do NOT need to be logged in to for this extension to work.

Fast Search for ebay works independently of eBay.

Fast Search for eBay is spyware/adware free and will not harm your computer/browser in any way.

Fast Search for eBay does not track, store or sell any personal information.

The developers of this extension appreciate any feedback you may have.

If you d

Fast Search for eBay Chrome extension Download

It is the Fast Search for eBay google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Fast Search for eBay chrome extension (CRX)

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