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FB Chat Layout Google Chrome Extension Download

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FB Chat Layout chrome extension

FB Chat Layout Google chrome Extension overview

FB Chat Layout chrome extension is An editor to 'DIY' your FB layout..

facebook chat layout (rilakkuma facebook chat layout) Available Layout: i) Rilakkuma ii) hello kitty iii) one piece iv) Doraemon v) shin chan vi) Domokun vii) Minion viii) Tarepanda ix) Anpanman * =============English============= How to install: 1) Press "Add to Chrome" button.

2) Refresh Facebook :D How to update: 1) Type "chrome://extensions/" at address bar and enter.

2) Tick the developer mode and click the "update extension now".

Finish :) ==================== Frequently question: ==================== Q: How to change the chat box layout A: Just click the upper right corners button and choose the layout you prefer :D Q: Why I cant install this extension A: Maybe youre not using Chrome or youre already installed this extension.

Try update the extension if you have installed it :) Q: I have installed but I hide it accidentally, how can I show it again A: Type "chrome://extensions/" in address bar and enter.

find facebook chat layout and press "Show Button".

Q: Why I didnt have the newest layout A: Try to update extensions to newest version.

Please refer to "How to update".

=============Chinese============= : 1)"" 2) 1) "chrome://extensions/" (360"chrome://myextensions/extensions") 2) developer mode "update extension now" ======== ======== 360, , "chrome://extensions/" (360"chrome://myextensions/extensions") Facebook Chat Layout"Show button" "" "" ================================================== Update: 20/8/2012 ver 1.0.3 bug fixed, support side ticker and side chat list.

21/8/2012 ver 1.1 auto fixed layout when facebook changed layout.

15/12/2012 ver 1.2 added hello kitty layout.

19/2/2012 ver 1.3 added one piece layout.

3/6/2013 ver 2.0 -Re-write all code and re-design all layout.

-fixed critical bug: Textarea didnt show after refresh webpage .

8/6/2013 ver 2.1 -Add new interface for easily change the layout.

-Added Doraemon layout 23/6/2013 ver 2.2 -Added Shin Chan layout 30/6/2013 ver 2.3 -Added Domo-kun layout 9/7/2013 ver 2.4 -added minion layout -Improve layout loading performance 31/3/2014 ver 2.5 -Fixed problem in new FBs layout.

-support roll back update.

15/6/2014 ver 2.6 -Fixed some layout problem.

-added tarepanda layout.

-Fixed API problem in Chrome v35.

13/6/2015 ver 2.7 -added anpanman layout.

-added new function: Custom layout.

FB Chat Layout Chrome extension Download

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Download FB Chat Layout chrome extension (CRX)

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