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Feedly Checker chrome extension

Feedly Checker Google chrome Extension overview

Feedly Checker chrome extension is Feedly Checker is a Chrome app that adds a toolbar icon with a dropdown menu to notify you about unread items in your feedly account.

With Feedly Checker youll be able to interact with your feedly account in several way: - Notifications : popups showing you the latest items and on Windows & mac os youll be able to mark them as read or saved once one by one - Button with drop down menu : Youll be able to see all your unread articles and interact with them just like on the feedly website - unread articles counter : The aforementioned button has a counter showing you the number of items unread and if you have the feedly website opened youll also have a counter showing up in the favicon You could have a look at the extension in action through the screenshots : - screenshot 1 : Windows popups of unread articles with the "mark as read" or "save" functionality - Screenshot 2 : Drop-down menu of the button in Linux - screenshot 3 : unread counter on the favicon & button in Mac OS - Screenshot 4 : option page that allows you to customized your extension Note for 2.1 : Sorry for the lack of update but Im quite busy and I loose some motivation on the project.

If you are a Dev and you want to help me for this project you can contact me through twitter @Checkerteam.

Coming later : - Porting to Firefox (& Iceweasel which is the Linux version) - Porting to Gnome-shell as a gnome shell extension ********************************** ** Changelogs ** ********************************** 2.1 : - Notifications : - rich notifications for mac os x - rich notification stack clearing - auth process redone - Drop down menu : - Unread counter for each category 2.0.6 : - change icons - new options : change button icon, show unread in the drop-down menu.

2.0.3 : - Bugfix : The button behavior option wasnt working.

- Long titles are now cut in the dropdown menu.

2.0.2 : - New option : button behavior.

To choose if the button should open feedly or the dropdown.

2.0 : - Drop-down menu giving you access to your unread articles and allowing your to interact with those articles just like on the feedly website - Part of the options moved from within the feedly website (at the bottom of the feedly own preferences) to a separate option page handled by the button extension itself - Reverted to two notifications types (Simple & Summary) - "Mark as Read" & "Save" button functionality on your notification popups for Windows & chrome os - And of course a lot of bug fixes 1.6.21: - Add "Open in background" button on notification (windows only) 1.6.20: - Bugfixes - Add buttons to notifications (only for Windows and Chro

Feedly Checker Chrome extension Download

It is the Feedly Checker google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

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