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Fontface Ninja Google Chrome Extension Download

  • Fontface Ninja for chrome Free download , Fontface Ninja chrome extension download , Fontface Ninja addon download for Google chrome
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Fontface Ninja chrome extension

Fontface Ninja Google chrome Extension overview

Fontface Ninja chrome extension is Explore fonts within a website, try and buy them !.

Fontface Ninja is a plugin you can install in your browser to recognize, try and buy any fonts on the Internet!

Fontface Ninja is really quick and simple to use.

• Activating the extension allows you to identify the font used on any website.

You want to find the name of a font Fontface Ninja will do the job for you!

It give you the name, size, line spacing and letter spacing too!

• The plugin allows you to hide any pictures and commercial to focus on fonts, so you can now enjoy fonts on a blank background!

• Click on a font to try it and get the price (or download it, if its free).

Fontface Ninja can fetch fonts from : - MyFonts - - Monotype - Linotype - FontSpring - - Losttype - FontSquirrel - Google Font - Typekit Fontface Ninja is totally free, so feel free to install it on all your browsers.

To a full plugin overview, a quick video is available on the website of the project : feel free to send us your feedback at [email protected], we are waiting for it to improve the plugin!

**************** * Changelog * **************** version 2.0.3 - fixed bug when YahooAPI is down Version 2.0.2 - Fixed close button UI Version 2.0.1 - Fixed issue on extension restart - Fixed wrong price showed Version 2 - Get the price and the link to buy a font - download free font - new ui - bug fixes Version 1.3 - new faster popin animation - You can change the letterspacing in the try area - Bug fixes Version 1.2 - add letter spacings detection - CSS bug fixes Version 1.1 - improve mask mode - checking font licence before download - improve typekit api recognition - Bug fixes Version 1.0.6 - Bug fixes

Fontface Ninja Chrome extension Download

It is the Fontface Ninja google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Fontface Ninja chrome extension (CRX)

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