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Friends Locator chrome extension

Friends Locator Google chrome Extension overview

Friends Locator chrome extension is Locate your Facebook friends and invite them to events by location..

This extension lets you locate your facebook friends on the map, provided their privacy settings allow you to get this information.

You can then search which friends live near a city or address of your choice and save this selection for later.

Once a selection has been saved, it can be used to invite those particular people to a facebook event.

///Release notes/// v2.14: - Fixed a bug where friends invites would stop prematurely v2.13: - No more ads, yay!

v2.12: - Bug during invites selection fixed Disclaimer: this extension is not supported by Facebook.

If they decide to change the layout or code of their pages, the extension might be broken until an update fixes it.

Friends Locator Chrome extension Download

It is the Friends Locator google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Friends Locator chrome extension (CRX)

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