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Friends+Me chrome extension

Friends+Me Google chrome Extension overview

Friends+Me chrome extension is The easiest way to share to ANYWHERE including Google+ profiles, pages, circles, communities and collections..

**Keyboard shortcuts** Show share dialog ... Ctrl+Shift+K or +Shift+K **Editor shortcuts** Bold style ... Ctrl+B Italic style ... Ctrl+I **How to configure this extension** In the extensions area to the right of the address bar, right-click the Friends+Me icon and from menu pick options.

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========== Changelog ========== v1.5.0 (2016-11-04): (fix) simplified ping process (fix) Google+ collections listing v1.4.9 (2016-06-01): (fix) minor v1.4.8 (2016-05-30): (fix) Google+ accounts scanner v1.4.7 (2016-05-13): (improvement) communication to Google+ v1.4.6 (2016-02-06): (fix) link preview for old Google+ UI v1.4.5 (2016-02-03): (fix) stalled publishing v1.4.2 (2016-01-29): (fix) occasional double posting v1.4.1 (2016-01-22): (fix) minor publishing bug v1.4.0 (2016-01-18): (fix) reduced logging v1.3.4 (2016-01-15): (fix) minor fixes v1.3.1 (2016-01-14): (fix) major fixes v1.2.1 (2016-01-12): (new) real-time publishing to Google+ v1.1.4 (2015-12-12): (fix) removed of invalid G+ accounts v1.1.3 (2015-12-11): (fix) logging and failover v1.1.1 (2015-12-10): (fix) communication to FPM API, dependencies upgrade v1.0.4 (2015-12-09): (fix) logging and failover v1.0.3 (2015-12-07): (fix) video publishing using the old Google+ (fix) reduced logging v1.0.0 (2015-11-20): (fix) full integration with the new Google+ API v0.9.0 (2015-11-10): (new) integration with the new Google+ UI (fix) fixed publishing of posts with attached link and custom photo v0.7.3 (2015-11-10): (fix) refresh operation forces logout now v0.7.2 (2015-09-29): (fix) fixed publishing of old format posts v0.7.0 (2015-09-28): (new) correct reshare of Google+ posts instead of link share v0.6.0 (2015-09-27): (new) enhanced ability to publish to Google+ circles, collections and communities.

v0.5.0 (2015-09-03): (new) enhancement of Google+ stream can be disabled from the extension options page (fix) #ns hashtag is no longer appended to any new Google+ post v0.4.11 (2015-08-20): (fix) fixed publishing of posts with link and video attached v0.4.10 (2015-08-20): (fix) fixed blink before the share dialog is shown v0.4.9 (2015-08-19): (fix) badge over the icon indicates whether the user is signed into the Friends+Me v0.4.4 (2015-08-18): (fix) communication to F+M API v0.3.0 (2015-07-30): (fix) extension initialization v0.2.11 (2015-07-24): (fix) fixed communication to F+M servers (fix) centered photo share button v0.2.10 (2015-07-19): (fix) image sharing button centered to the bottom of the image v0.2.9 (2015-07-18): (fix) fixed photo sharing (Google Photos, ...) v0.2.8 (2015-06-29): (fix) fixed link preview routine v0.2.7 (2015-06-28): (new) integrated diagnostics that should

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