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Full Page Screen Capture Google Chrome Extension Download

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Full Page Screen Capture chrome extension

Full Page Screen Capture Google chrome Extension overview

Full Page Screen Capture chrome extension is Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions!.

The simplest way to take a full page screenshot of your current browser window.

Click on the extension in your browser bar (or press Alt+Shift+P), watch the extension capture each part of the page, and be transported to a new tab of your image that you can right-click to save-as or just drag to your desktop.

No bloat, no ads, just a simple way to turn a full web page into an image.

The only way to screenshot the entire page is to scroll to each visible part, so please be patient as it quickly assembles all the pieces.

For the rare scenario where your page is too large for Chrome to store it in one image, it will let you know and split it up into just enough images in separate tabs.

This is an open source project.

Visit the full page screen capture github page for more information, bug reports, or to contribute: https://github.com/mrcoles/full-page-screen-capture-chrome-extension **No extra permissions are required to use this extension.

** Change Log: 2.2 – 2016-09-01 – support for ctrl+s (or cmd+s on Mac) to save the screenshot 2.1 — 2016-08-22 — fixed capture zoom in/out issues, add an expand button to capture header 2.0 — 2016-08-19 — updated result tab for screenshots with click to download and ability to view/delete your screenshots 1.0.1 — 2016-05-14 — fix incognito mode "File not found" bug and better tab handling 1.0.0 — 2016-05-09 — this is a major release: introduces keyboard shortcut, splitting of images for pages that are too long, better handling of zoomed/emulator pages, more subtle gray icon, SVG support, and stability fixes (thank you @bluememory14, @BSierakowski, @denilsonsa, and all submitters of bug reports) 0.0.15 — 2015-04-05 — add timestamp to images so they are unique paths (via @HetIsNiels) and popup display fix 0.0.14 — 2015-02-14 — more “retina” fixes 0.0.13 — 2015-01-02 — remove scale feature to hopefully fix bugs experienced on “retina” displays 0.0.12 — 2014-08-24 — change permissions to more restrictive “activeTab” 0.0.11 — 2014-04-19 — backwards compatible permissions update 0.0.10 — 2014-04-17 — fixed permissions issue that prevents screen capture in chrome 34 0.0.9 — 2013-12-08 — fixed bugs when the image is pieced together on retina screens 0.0.8 — 2013-11-17 — improved calculation of page width and height on non-standard pages 0.0.7 — 2013-10-10 — 10x speed improvement in capture time and restore to origi

Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension Download

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Download Full Page Screen Capture chrome extension (CRX)

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