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Gmelius for Gmail chrome extension

Gmelius for Gmail Google chrome Extension overview

Gmelius for Gmail chrome extension is Increased productivity, better privacy for you and your team right inside Gmail..

Make your inbox better, smarter and safer!

Gmelius improves your inbox by adding new functionalities to boost your productivity, protect your privacy, let you collaborate with others and customize your inbox.

Join over 100.000 individuals and companies from around the world that use Gmelius everyday.

Here is non-exhaustive list of the functionalities Gmelius offers: BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY • Schedule emails to be sent later • snooze and receive email reminders • Add private notes to emails • receive read receipts to know if your emails have been read • save time by using email templates • Be more organized with our To-Do app • automatically copy recipients to the emails you write PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY • Detect and block email tracking attempts • quickly unsubscribe from newsletters ENABLE COLLABORATION • Assign emails to team members • share emails using "shared labels" • Collaborate on your to-dos CUSTOMIZE YOUR INBOX • Disable ads from your inbox • print cleaner email by removing gmail branding and other elements • always show cc/Bcc/To field • make gmail header visible on demand Visit to discover all the features.

Freemium Gmelius is freemium, meaning that it is free to use but certain functionalities are limited.

To learn more about our unlimited use plans, visit Support Have questions or comments We would love to hear from you.

Please reach out to us at [email protected]

--- Gmail is a registered trademark of Google Inc. Gmelius is not affiliated with Google or Gmail.

Gmelius for Gmail Chrome extension Download

It is the Gmelius for Gmail google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Gmelius for Gmail chrome extension (CRX)

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