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Hide My AdBlocker chrome extension

Hide My AdBlocker Google chrome Extension overview

Hide My AdBlocker chrome extension is This extension hides your AdBlocker from Anti-AdBlock scripts on websites such as putlocker.com, watchfreeinhd.com and more..

This is an anti-anti-adblock extension, which removes time penalties and popups/warnings about your activated AdBlocker.

Works on - freegamehosting.eu, - forbes.com, - wired.com, - gmx.net, - web.de, - sockshare.com, - putlocker.com, - watchfreeinhd.com, - solarmovies.com, - streamupload.org, - cloudvidz.net, - slickvid.com, - youwatch.org, - nzbstars.com, - qrrro.com, - pcgamesdownloadfree.com, - siliconinvestor.com, - receive-sms.com, - mmatko.com, - notre-planete.info, - thesimsresource.com, - kino-live2.org, - slideplayer.com, - kissanime.com, - viki.com, - garrysmods.org, - bild.de Let me know other pages that block your AdBlocker and areas where the annoying messages appear (e.g.

when I watch a video; when I want to download a file, etc.)

It will be very helpful to identify the blocking of your AdBlocker, so Ill add more qualitative support for them!

Made to work with the original adblock extension.

On web.de/gmx.net the extension detection is disabled completely.

---- Privacy: The extension does NOT save any data and also does NOT communicate with a remote server.

---- Changelog: 2.81: freegamehosting.eu added 2.7: forbes.com added 2.6: wired.com added 2.1: code optimization 1.9: bag fix 1.8: bild.de added (due to numerous requests).

1.7: fixes for kissanime.com; garrysmods.org added.

1.6: thesimsresource.com, kino-live2.org, slideplayer.com, kissanime.com, viki.com added.

1.0: Minor improvements, added eventhubs.com 0.9: Added support for iframes 0.8: qrrro.com (images) 0.7: nzbstas.com, solarmovies.com, mmatko.com 0.6: Optimizations + siliconinvestor.com 0.5: Support for pcgamesdownloadfree.com added.

0.4: Added support for slickvid.com.

Keep the suggestions coming, thanks!

0.3.1: Hotfix for installation bug 0.3: Support for cloudvidz.net, youwatch.org and more would be possible since the antiblock.org script is now supported (dont know all the sites that use it though).

0.2.1: Added support for watchfreeinhd.com 0.2: Added "rule engine", which makes adapting and including new pages and their adblock-detection relatively easy.

Added support for streamupload.com, notre-planete.info and receive-sms.com.

0.1: Initial release, made to work with sockshare.com and putlocker.com

Hide My AdBlocker Chrome extension Download

It is the Hide My AdBlocker google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download Hide My AdBlocker chrome extension (CRX)

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