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HP Smart Print chrome extension

HP Smart Print Google chrome Extension overview

HP Smart Print chrome extension is Save ink. Save paper. Print only the web content you need..

save ink and paper by using the smart print application.

Check out the before and after scenario, and you will find that smart print allows you to remove headers/footers, ads, etc.

and leaves you with the content you want to print.

print selection Only want to print a particular section of a website and not the whole thing hp smart print makes it simple by selecting the area of the website it thinks you want to print.

You just need to hit print!

Edit Selection Did hp smart print miss something you wanted to print Or did it grab too much hp smart print provides a couple of different ways to edit the selection 1.

Resize the selected area by dragging the control points, or 2.

Highlight an area to add/remove using your mouse

HP Smart Print Chrome extension Download

It is the HP Smart Print google chrome extension download link you can download and install google chrome Browser.

Download HP Smart Print chrome extension (CRX)

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